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Tapio Malinen
Psychologist, Teacher in Solution Focused and Narrative Therapy
Ratkes ry. – Finnish Assosiation for the Advancement of Solution Focused Culture

office +358 19 668427
mobile +358 400 595074

Sundintie 26
FI 06650 Hamari, Finland



In Finnish
In Swedish


Solution-Focused Schoolwork. Ratkes 4, 1999.

From the Whirls of a Flowing River - a Conversation with Elam Nunnally. Ratkes, 1, 2001.

From Thinktank to New Therapy: The Process of Solution-Focused Theory and Practice Development. Published in Finnish in Ratkes 2, 2001 & Ratkes 3, 2001.

On Using Appreacitive Language in Constructing Promising/Illusionistic Realities.
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, Vol. 22, No. 4, 2001.

About what is and what might be – A Conversation with Michael White. Published in Finnish in Ratkes, 4, 2001.

Dead Talk and Living talk. The Brief Therapy Network News. Vol 2, Issue 1, 2001

Change and Responsibility. Published in Finnish in Ratkes, 4, 2002.

After meeting Tom Andersen. The Brief Therapy Network News. Vol. 2, Issue 3, 2002.

Practice is Theory Lived Through – A Converstion with Dr. Wendel Ray. (With Scot Cooper)

Therapydance. Newsmagazine. The Journal of the Brief Therapy Network. Vol 2,
No. 1, 2003.

Lighting The Smallest candle! A Conversation with Yvonne Dolan. (With Scot Cooper and Ian Bennet) The Journal of The Brief Therapy Network. Vol. 2, Issue 4, 2003

Co-creating Preferred Stories in School - An Exploration in Ethics.
Paper presented in the International Narrative Therapy Program 2002-2003
Dulwich Centre, Adelaide, South-Australia, 24.11.2003

On Wittgenstein. Ratkes 3, 2003.

Unpacking Identity Conclusions. Newsmagazine. The Journal of The Brief Therapy Network. Vol. 3, No. 2, 2004.

Burn in, Not Out! A Conversation with Michael Hoyt about Truth and Beauty in Brief Therapy. In Hoyt, M.: The Present is a Gift. Mo´Better Stories from the World of Brief Therapy. iUniversity, Inc. NY, 2004.

The Wisdom of Not-Knowing – A Conversation with Harlene Anderson. Journal of Systemic Therapies. Vol. 23, No.2, 2004.

Narrative vignettes. Part 1: Re-authoring (and renewing) conversations.
Ratkes 1/2005.

Narrative vignettes. Part 2: On Deconstructing Identity Conclusions.
Ratkes 2/2005.

Narrative vignettes. Part 3: Post-structuralism and psychotherapy.
Ratkes 3/2005.

Narrative vignettes. Part 4: Externalising Conversations.
Ratkes 4/2005.

Blackhat and Twinkle - Narrative Therapy With Children and Adolescents.
Perheterapia 1/2006.

Narrative vignettes. Part 5: A Therapeutic Letter about the Absent but Implicit. Ratkes 1/2006.

Narrative vignettes. Part 6: The Power of Re-membering. Ratkes 3/2006.

The Women from the White Garden - A Conversation with Maggie Carey. Ratkes 3/2006.

Narrative vignettes. Part 7: From Separation to Connection - a Narrative Reflection. Ratkes 1/2007.

Buddha, Wittgenstein and Postmodern Therapies. Submitted to the Journal of Systemic Therapies.

Doing Therapy: A Source of Therapist Well-Being. (with Frank Thomas), Context 103, June 2009

Psychotherapy as an Ethical and Spiritual Exercise. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, Vol. 21, No. 4, 2010.

The Extraordinary in the Ordinary - A Conversation with Jill Freedman. Journal of Systemic Therapies Vol. 30, No.1, 2011.

What a Relief: I Do Not Exist! – No-Self and Emptiness in Psychotherapy.
Submitted to the Journal of Family Psychotherapy.

Malinen, T. & Cooper, S. J. & Thomas, F.N.: (2011) Masters of Narrative and Collaborative Therapies - The Voices of Andersen, Anderson and White. New York: Routledge. Click for the Introduction and for the ordering.

Buddhist Psychology, Classical Mindfulness and the Healthy Mind
In Kortelainen & Saari & Väänänen (Eds.) Bodyawareness and sciences (in Finnish), Tampere University Press, 2014.





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